Home Sweet Home?



I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.

~Harun Yahya~


Ladybug or Lady Beetle


Asian Lady Beetle migration is nearing the end here in Middle Tennessee.  For the past two weeks I have been fighting to keep them out of the house.  Each year they come in swarms (aggregation), usually when the first cold spell arrives, in search of warmer places indoors.

I found the one above circling the heating element on our stovetop!

I learned something new tonight.  What I have always thought were Ladybugs, are Asian Lady Beetles.  There is a difference.  Lady Beetles have large white ‘cheeks’ and what looks like a W or M on a black head, while Ladybugs have black heads with small white ‘cheeks’.

They all look alike to me.


Riding it Out


I am like a leaf on a river..

riding along the top of the water, not quite floating, not quite drowning. 

So I can’t stop, and I can’t control the direction I am going. 

I can feel the water, but I never know which way I am heading. 

But I might feel lucky this day and avoid the sticks and branches scratching and pulling at me.

~Nora Raleigh Baskin- Anything But Typical~


Doe a Deer.. OH DEAR!


If you look real hard there are 8 deer eating cracked corn, with 3 others standing in the background!

There is a wide strip of wooded acreage behind our house that extends from the back of our lot and runs through the neighborhood for approximately a mile.  Although we live in the county, it is a very populated neighborhood because it is surrounded by Tim’s Ford Lake.

The deer population in this area has increased rapidly this year.  These are smart deer who know this strip of land is somewhat of a sanctuary for them to breed and raise their young, before most of them venture off to other areas of unprotected land.

This year alone we have had 3 different sets of twins, all born within days of each other!  In the above photo are 2 sets eating corn, while the other is wandering close by.

Most of the land owners here (we use to) feed the deer, corn and other bagged foods during off season hunting, to keep our gardens from being destroyed during the growing seasons.

Deer season for privately owned land in our county starts Jan. 8-12, 2018, and is open for gun, muzzleloader and bow (archery).  It’s guaranteed when this time arrives, what’s left of the deer population along this strip will be diminished to only the smartest and oldest who know how to survive!

Needless to say venison is very popular in our neighborhood!

The One Prompt That Got ME in Trouble



The color was great, but the photo was out of focus.

Todays prompt was diamonds.  Since I’m not a fan of the REAL ones, I chose the option of finding the shape instead.  I found it alright and it got me in trouble!

When I go in search of my daily prompt it might take me a few minutes or hours depending on what it is.  All of my photos are taken with my trusty Kodak, which when out and about makes it very obvious of my intentions.

Yesterday I stopped at a local fast food to order a large strawberry water.  This particular place has carhops that bring the order to you.  While waiting I took a quick glance around and immediately spotted a thrash container with a large planter of pansies sitting in front of it.. and my daily prompt!


click, click, click

After a few more clicks, and deliveries to other cars by the carhop, my order arrived.  I paid and took one more photo for the road.  While viewing the results I see the manager walking my way!

MANAGER:  Excuse me, ma’am.  It was brought to my attention by your carhop that you have been taking photos and she wasn’t sure what your intentions were.  We’ve had problems before with people taking photos or video of a carhop as they walk away..

ME:  Excuse me for interrupting you, but I was NOT taking photos of HER, I was taking photos of the pansies and trash container (pointing at them).   I have a blog for which I take photos based on daily prompts.  Todays prompt was diamonds, which is the pattern on the trash container.  If you would like to view them you are more than welcome to. ( I show him the camera and which button to push to view all the photo.)

MANAGER:  Thank you for clearing this up.  I was only protecting my employees privacy.  I’ll let them know.  You’re more than welcome to continue taking photos, we have a lot of other containers with different flowers if you would like to walk around and check them out.

ME (laughing):  That won’t be necessary, I have more than enough already.  I did learn a lesson from this experience though.

MANAGER:  What’s that?

ME:  No matter how innocent something may seem, there will always be that one person in the crowd who will.. ASSUME THE WORST!


It’s a Miracle!



Occasionally I get lucky and end up with a few photos that are perfect (for me) without any editing other than to resize.  Today’s prompt was CURVES, but I ended up with a twofer and marked off STACKED while I was at it.

Through my eyes they already look like a painting, so there is no need turning them over to the monkeys for an extreme makeover, but they needed to play, so I gave them one of their own and let them have at it.



Absorbed in the Moment


Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.     ~Edward de Bono~


Todays prompt was close at hand.. seriously, I was holding it in my hand and didn’t realize it.  I was so impressed with how the pattern exploded with each layer of art effect and texture, that I found a different roll pattern to see how it would turn out.

Did you guess what they were?  

Paper towels!


What Are You Looking At?



Always keep your eyes open.  Keep watching.  Because whatever you see can inspire you.     ~Grace Coddington~

It was a simple outdoor single hose valve that unexpectedly stared back at me when I placed it on the top of the black mini-fridge to take a photo!  The shiny background created a reflection, giving the monkeys plenty of inspiration to play with.

Her Tiger Within




not always visible and yet always present.

~Fausto Cercignani~

Meet Stinky (don’t ask!) our 13 yr. old fur baby grouchy, arthritic cat fur baby.  Most of her morning is spent following the sunlight shining through the big arch of the dining room window, soaking up the heat and napping.

I think the monkeys did a great job of bringing out the tiger in her!

Let There Be Light.. and Plenty of It!


In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.     ~Aaron Rose~

I sure am glad my better half works part-time at Home Depot and that he has informed all the employees of what my intentions are when they see me in the store with my camera hanging around my neck.. LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE.  I DON’T NEED HELP and if I do I’LL ASK FOR IT!

Illuminate, that would be found in the lighting & ceiling fan department!

Drawing Straws



YOUR LOT IN LIFE?  A lot is something you draw, like straws.  It’s chance.  You didn’t get this life by chance.  You chose it on purpose.  If you’re dissatisfied from it, you can change it.    

~Jennifer Echols – Going Too Far~

Welcome to my first post on MonkeyMindCreativity by WandaFaye.  If the above photo doesn’t look like what you were expecting, then I suggest you read my ABOUT page afterwards.

Most professional photographers and artist would not consider this photography or art, since it has been altered with many layers and forms of artistic effects, textures and adjustments.  In fact they would probably roll their eyes and shake their head in disapproval of my “digital artwork“.  Well, they are both right.  I am neither a photographer or artist, professional or amateur.

I don’t think the way they do.  I see myself as a victim.. somewhat of a fall gal to the monkeys in my head!  They do all the thinking for me, I just provide the material for them to play with!  When I take a photo of something I immediately look at it on the camera and love what I’m seeing, no editing necessary, SOOC.  Once I get home and transfer the photos to the computer screen, the monkeys take over and my perfect SOOC photo turns into something they see!

I’ll let you decide.